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Gas Detection Systems

At Parker Engineering & Design we have more than 20 years experience in Hazardous Gas Detection Systems, including toxic, combustible, oxygen depletion and refrigerant detection.   We work with systems from just a few sensors to more than 100, from simple local alarm systems to custom interfaces and notification systems distributed throughout a plant or test facility.Gas Detection Panel 1

We can meet all of your needs from system design through startup, calibration and routine maintenance.  We can provide specialized designs, custom sampling systems for difficult applications, standard systems with off the shelf equipment or any combination.

We have experience with MSA, Crowcon, Draeger, Scott, Bacharach, Control Instruments, Sensidyne, Vulcain, Armstrong, Gfg, and others.  We can work with equipment from any manufacturer.

We provide regular calibration and maintenance services for a number of automotive and industrial customers.

Free On-Line Tracking System

Users of our calibration services benefit from a free on-line calibration tracking system.  This system provides up-to-date, web-based information for each sensor in the system, including the date of the most recent calibration, due date of next recommended calibration, date of sensor installation or replacement and expected life of the sensor.  This information is valuable for estimating maintenance costs and anticipating upcoming sensor replacement.

Gas Detection Panel 2

Some applications for Hazardous Gas Detection include:

  • Alternative Energy 
  • Automotive Test Labs
  • Battery Research and Development
  • Chemical Processing and Treatment
  • Energy Production
  • Natural Gas Production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile Treatment
  • General Industrial