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Automotive Emissions and Test Labs

We have worked in Automotive Emission and Test Labs for more than 25 years! 

Our services range from standard products such as Evaporative Emissions Canister Loading Systems or Gas Distribution Systems to custom test systems and fluid handling systems to software and service support for existing systems provided by others.

Canister Loading Systems - PED Canister Conditioning ManagerCanister Conditioning Manager 002

We can furnish complete Canister Loading Systems and can upgrade your existing systems.  We have standard PED software that will operate up to 6 stations with two shifts.  This software can be adapted to meet your specific needs.  We can also create completely customized systems to meet your exact requirements, for small or large systems.

For more information on our Canister Conditioning Manager software, click below.

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ORVR Control Systems

Parker Engineering & Design has provided upgrades to existing ORVR systems to PED Gas Distributionprovide automated operation and data collection.


Fuel Carts / Fuel Conditioning Systems

Parker Engineering & Design can provide new fuel conditioning and delivery carts, and can provide upgrades to your existing Fuel Cart. 


Gas Bottle Rooms / Gas Distribution and Point of Use Regulation

We can meet all of your needs for Gas Bottle Rooms, Gas Distribution Panels, Tubing installation and Point of Use Regulation and Distribution Panels.  We have provided upgrades of existing Gas Bottles Rooms with 30 to more than 100 gas bottles.


Custom SystemsPoint Of Use Regulator

Parker Engineering & Design specializes in developing custom systems for a wide variety of applications.  We have wide experience developing products for and consulting on equipment for use in hazardous, Class I, Division I and II areas.  We can work with you on fuel delivery, fuel conditioning, coolant and fluid conditioning, custom control systems, functional test stands, end of line test stands or items to meet your specific testing needs.