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Textile Processing Systems

Parker Engineering & Design (PED) is a key partner in the development and production of a breakthrough Textile ViewTextile Processing system.  One proototype and two production systems are in operation in the United Kingdom.  This technolgoy has been developed by our partner, MTI-X (UK).  It is a collaboration of technology providers, academics, system builders, end users and textile processors. 

This unique technology platform uses Laser Enhanced Plasma and UV treatments to provide improvements in textile performance in the areas of hydrophobicity, stain resistance, durability, fire retardancy and others, in an environmentally friendly process.

PED has been a key player in the development of the prototype production systems currently in operation in the United Kingdom.  We have designed and manufactured key elements of the process and control equipment, and have provided integration of the entire system.  As the system moves from development to commercialization, PED will continue to provide a significant contribution.

Parker Engineering & Design specializes in the design and manufacture of specialized test stands and controls for a variety of Industrial, Automotive and AlternativTextile Control Panele Energy applications.

Our equipment is currently use at locations in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

The Textile Processing System illustrates our versatility and our ability to provide solutions for unique and challenging applications.